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Parenting and Family Counselling

Overcoming negative cycles

Parents can find it challenging to navigate around how to parent their children and teenagers since the way they were parented themselves may no longer be suitable in today’s society. Children tend to adopt the views, beliefs, and behaviours of their parents. Your child is often watching, listening and mimicking your behaviours. However, modelling positive behaviours is not always possible, especially when you are faced with adversity, stress, and boundless challenges. It cannot be expected that parents never make a mistake but what is more important is that we are able to recognise them and also alter behaviours that are not suitable.

Our counsellors can help parents to integrate positive parenting techniques into their skills set and be able to impose and maintain healthy boundaries in the family. This is especially important at a time where there is more conflict within homes regarding parenting and academics and also the use of technology in the home.

Challenges may also arise in adjusting to parenting in a new culture as in the situation of newcomers to Hong Kong, or in blended families. Counselling can help you navigate these challenges and find breakthroughs in communicating as a family and creating a healthy and nurturing environment for all.

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