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Corporate Social Responsibility

Overseas Foreign Workers in Hong Kong

As a mental health charity, we believe that mental health is a human right, not solely a workplace benefit. St John’s Cathedral Counselling Service (SJCCS) provides low fee and pro bono counselling services to those who are in low or no income circumstances, including domestic helpers and overseas migrant workers of all religions, nationalities and gender in Hong Kong.

Volunteer Opportunities

SJCCS has an active and ongoing volunteer program for those who attend St John’s Cathedral and other churches to volunteer their services at our Counselling Service Ministry. Training and supervision will be provided to these volunteers to empower them to support our counselling service activities that offers a source for meaning and purpose and giving back to the community.

Green Policy

SJCCS is committed to developing and maintaining operational practices that support a cleaner, greener environment. We are mindful to the cost to our environment in our daily business practices. Hence, listed below are areas our charity addresses on a regular basis so that we may adhere to eco-friendly office operations best practices. Through assigned research activities to our interns, we continually seek out processes and policies that can enhance our green policies for SJCCS.

Our daily office green energy policies protect our local environment by way of hibernation with all non-operating computers, use of CFL light bulbs, using energy efficient computers and copier machines, temperature controls with air conditioning, and use of office windows for heating purposes.

SJCCS embraces a 4 point policy on the use of paper products in our counselling centre to ensure we save trees and protect the environment: minimal use of paper, recycling all paper, ensuring paper products come from eco-friendly companies and minimising printing through paperless processes.