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DBT Skills Training

Do you struggle with mood swings and/or feelings of emptiness?

Do you have strong feelings that are confusing and/or overwhelming?

Do you need help in getting along with others, controlling impulses and/or managing emotions?

DBT Skills Training can help you to manage and understand your emotions.
You will learn skills in a supportive, safe and confidential environment.

1.    Overview

What is Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)?

Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) is an evidence-based treatment for individuals who struggle with frequent intensive mood swings, self-harm and/or suicidal thoughts.

What are Dialectics?

Dialectics (in DBT) refers to the ability to hold two truths that seem like opposites and accept that they both may be true or valid. The Core Dialectic is that individuals are doing the best they can AND individuals want to improve.

What is the Goal of DBT Treatment?

The goal of DBT treatment is to help individuals cope effectively with stress, regulate their emotions, improve relationships, live in the moment and develop a life worth living.

2.    Who Should Attend?

Individuals who live with emotional pain, in particular, those who think, behave and feel in extremes.  In DBT, it is believed that individuals are doing the best they can and lack the skills to make changes.

3.    Goals of DBT Skills Training

Goals are for participants to acquire skills relating to mindfulness, building effective interpersonal relationships, regulating emotions and improving their capability to tolerate distress. The purposes are to reduce:

  • impulsive behaviors, difficulties in accepting reality
  • swings of emotions and difficulties in regulating emotions
  • rigidity, difficulties with change
  • interpersonal conflict and stresses
  • sense of emptiness and loneliness; being out of touch with self and others; being judgmental

This is done through developing skills for:

  • identifying dialectics;
  • promoting the use of validation (acceptance) and non-judgmental language as a way to acknowledge the feelings of another person, given the circumstances of his/her life; and
  • replacing unsafe or dangerous behaviors being used to manage pain with healthier and safer behaviors.

4.     Contents of DBT Skills Training

This DBT Skills Training Program is based on materials from the DBT Skills Manual by Marsha Linehan, PhD, ABPP, Washington.

Each participant will learn mindfulness, emotion regulation, distress tolerance, and interpersonal effectiveness skills.  Each skill learned builds on the rest to use in periods of acute or even mild stress, anxiety, or mood changes.

Please note that is not a crisis intervention program nor a partial hospitalization program. It is not designed to replace inpatient hospitalization if the individual is at risk of harm to themselves or others.

5.    Program Curriculum

Each of the modules below are stand-alone and do not have any pre-requisites.

Mindfulness Skills (every Module): to develop awareness of self and others in the moment, learning how to be non-judgmental and do what is effective (what works) by thinking wisely rather than emotionally.

Module 1:

Interpersonal Effectiveness: to learn how to ask for things skillfully while maintaining relationships and self-respect. + Mindfulness Skills.

Module 2:

Emotion Regulation: to develop awareness of emotions, how they develop and how their intensity can be reduced. + Mindfulness Skills.

Module 3: 

Distress Tolerance: to develop skills to manage difficult situations without making them worse and also learn how to accept life in this moment when it cannot be changed. + Mindfulness Skills.

6.    Trainers

Dr. Sheena Karnani, PsyD
BSc (Psy), MCouns., MA (Clin Psy), PsyD (Clin Psy)

7.    Age

Adults (18+)

8.    Number of Participants

Maximum 12 participants per module.

9.    Date & Time

Module 1:  Interpersonal Effectiveness: TBC

Module 2:  Emotional Regulation: TBC

Module 3:  Distress Tolerance: April 15, 2023 to June 3, 2023

10.    Time

10:30am to 12:30pm

11.     Venue 

St John’s Cathedral Counselling Service.
7th Floor, Wings Building
110-116 Queen’s Road Central
Hong Kong

12.    Price

HK$4,800 per module (including materials – DBT® Skills Training Handouts and Worksheets, Second Edition by Marsha M. Linehan.)

13.    Enrollment  

To enroll, please complete the online form Click Here.

14.    Contact Information

Tel: 2525-7207 | 2525-7208