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Individuals Counselling

Individuals, couples & family counselling can be offered online or in-person at our office in Central, Hong Kong. Each session normally lasts 50 minutes. Counselling sessions are by appointment only.

Our counselling is based on three fundamental principles

Counselling is not about being right or wrong; instead, we focus on empowering our clients to become more aware of the causes of their own emotions, the motivators behind their own thoughts, and the consequences of their own chosen behaviours. In so doing, clients may exercise freedom to make life choices for themselves based on their own values, strengths and meaning.

Focus on clients’ strengths and resources
Our counsellors engage in a deeper counsellor-client relationship based upon unconditional positive regard, genuine empathy, active listening and a deeper understanding of a person’s character and personality.

Focus on safety and care
Our counsellors are professionally trained to ensure client safety and being able to regulate emotions whilst working together to gain a deeper insight into presenting problems and to find the courage to make changes to life situations. They will check that clients are supported and monitor stress levels and if need be, refer clients to further resources to ensure their physical and emotional safety.