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Children and Teenage Counselling

Our counselling philosophy on children and development is based on the philosophy that children who have a good mood and children who do things that are good for them are more successful in school (learning, mastering, achieving) and eventually adulthood. Our counsellors are attentive to the vital elements that make counselling successful with kids: building a safe and caring counselling environment, not placing negative labels or “pathologising” children, listening – not correcting – when children tell their stories, helping them define and express their thoughts and feelings, and exploring behaviours and consequences that enhance their self esteem and strengthen their resilience.

Children and teenagers may be facing issues in academia, relationships, addictions, depression, anxiety and/or social interactions. St John’s Cathedral Counselling Service incorporates effective and evidence-based techniques and approaches to work with children and teenagers. Our counsellors will empower them to build up their confidence, and emotional resiliency and increase their abilities to overcome challenges and failures in the striving towards progress. Children and teenagers can really benefit from counselling with someone who listens to them and helps them to process their emotions.

Ready to make a change?

Please contact our office at 2525 7207, email to or submit a request here to work with a counsellor at SJCCS.