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Marital and Relationship Counselling

Overcoming negative cycles

Couple and relationship counselling sessions generally take longer (1.5 sessions) than individual sessions. Some common issues couples or families seek help for include anger & conflict, communication problems, infidelity, empty nesting and retirement, sexual difficulties, parenting or in-laws difficulties, etc. Counselling can help couples and families overcome these issues by identifying emotional and relational processes which cause distress, and by identifying the negative interactional cycles that keep couples and family members stuck. Couple and family therapy sessions are provided by certified and experienced couple and family therapists.

Some of the common couple and relationship therapy models adopted in SJCCS include Gottman Couple Therapy, Imago Therapy, Emotional Focus Therapy and Behavioural Couple Therapy, etc. Your couples therapist may also ask you to complete a questionnaire to help you understand your issues and plan for the treatment process.

Ready to make a change?

Please contact our office at 2525 7207, email to or submit a request here to work with a counsellor at SJCCS.