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Sarah Oldfield

MA Counselling (Monash, Australia)
BA (Hons) European Studies (London, United Kingdom)
Certificate of Professional Coaching (Transcend International, Hong Kong)

Sarah is a Masters level Counsellor and a qualified Life Coach.  

Sarah’s values of compassion, authenticity and acceptance create a therapeutic experience based on trust, respect and collaboration. By working collaboratively, Sarah helps her clients discover unhelpful patterns and what is holding them back, facilitating self-awareness and new perspectives. 

Fundamental to Sarah’s approach is to attend to emotions. Clients are often confused, disconnected or alienated from feelings. By exploring inner-most emotions, complexities and conflicts, clients develop self-understanding of their dissonances, reconciling these to balance their rational and emotional selves. 

Sarah works with adults aged 18 – 55, who suffer from depression, low moods, stress, anxiety, family and relationship issues. Using a client-centred and integrative approach Sarah incorporates Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) , Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Solution Focused Therapy (SFT), mindfulness and grounding techniques. Sessions are tailored to client’s individual needs, placing emphasis on desired values, so clients feel empowered to independently achieve their therapeutic aims.

Sarah is English and loves living Hong Kong with her husband and three sons as well as travelling the world, yoga, running, hiking and reading.