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Paul Vallis

Master of Counselling, Monash University, (Australia)
MSc Occupational / Organisational Psychology, University of Surrey (United Kingdom)

Paul started his career in psychology as a consultant conducting assessments, and developing senior leaders for both multinationals and Hong Kong corporations through assessment and development centres. He has been responsible for conducting in-house assessments along with the development and training of senior managers in a regional role and has also delivered leadership training for upper management candidates for multinational corporations.

In 2017, Paul started working at St John’s Counselling as a counsellor, after completing a Masters of Counselling degree. He utilises several different theories that inform his counselling approach including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. His focus is on individuals facing challenges with anxiety, depression, anger, stress, self worth, alcohol and relationship issues.

In addition, Paul also counsels couples struggling with poor communication, conflicting values, intimacy, lack of appreciation, trust, unrealistic expectations and infidelity. He uses Gottman’s principles for helping couples resolve their challenges.

Paul’s desire is to help people make deep and personal lasting change in their lives. He does this by helping people manage their specific challenges, over a more extended period, on a one to one basis. In this way he can help people improve their lives by providing strategies that help them realise their full potential.

Paul conducts therapy in English.