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Mathew Ho

LLB. PCLL University of Hong Kong 1981
Masters of Arts in Social Work (Family Centred Practice and Family Therapy), Dean’s List, HK Polytechnic University 2015.

Mathew is a counsellor and mediator working at St. John’s Cathedral Counselling Service. His training is in marriage and family therapy and in family mediation. He believes that “there is no therapy, only change” – Sharon Loeschen, and that “Life is not a problem to be solved, but a reality to be experienced” – Søren Kierkegaard. His counselling vision is to improve quality of life, through better individual and interpersonal psychological functioning, and through connections with self, significant relationships and our socio-cultural environment. St. John’s Counselling Service’s mission statement is to empower the Human Spirit towards Greater Awareness in Making Choices for Growth and Well-being!

Mathew works with individuals, couples, and families. His practice integrates various modalities and methodologies that he has, and will continue to, learn and experience. He uses a social constructionist, relational, systemic and cybernetic lens in his conversations with clients and their significant others.

Mathew conducts therapy in English and Cantonese.