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Konstantin Goldau

Master of Social Science in Counselling (Hong Kong)
Master of Arts in Media Pedagogy, Psychology and Communication Science (Germany)

Konstantin’s previous experience as a teacher, encouraged his career change and he become a counsellor with St John’s Cathedral Counselling Service. He is providing school counselling and mental health support on behalf of SJC for an international school, continuing his previous experience with children and young adults. He is experienced working with clients struggling with anxiety, depression, gaming and porn addiction, low-self-esteem, self-harm, suicidal ideation and relationship issues. Konstantin advocates for the client’s individual needs to be heard and recognised to foster growth, improve resilience and reach their full potential.

Konstantin uses CBT, Narrative Therapy, Recovery and Strength-based, Positive Psychology in his therapeutic interventions, which he tailors in corporation with each client to find the best suitable approach.

Having worked himself in various sectors, including media, corporate and education before becoming a counsellor, Konstantin appreciates that our life can bring up different challenges at different times. This includes the difficulties that a high-performance, competitive and fast-changing life in Hong Kong’s multi-cultural society brings along. Originally from Germany, Konstantin has lived the past 18 years abroad, including the UK, Japan and Hong Kong.