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Katrine Cheng

Master of Counselling (Australia)
Certificate in Psychology and Mental Health (United Kingdom)

The Hong Kong Professional Counselling Association: Full Member
Psychotherapy & Counselling Federation of Australia, College of Counselling: Provisional Member
Psychotherapy & Counselling Federation of Australia, College of Relationship Counsellors: Provisional Member

Katrine is a Counsellor for St John’s Cathedral Counselling Service in Hong Kong. She has also been working with corporates in providing training in managing mental health in the workplace. Prior to completing her postgraduation, she had been studying in United Kingdom and worked for different multinational corporations in corporate wellness and people development in Hong Kong. 

Katrine is passionate about working with adults (both individuals and couples). She uses a humanistic and experiential approach, as well as mindfulness and cognitive-based disciplines to offer mental health counselling for individuals; utilises research-based assessments and interventions, as well as attachment science to help couples strengthen their relationships and marriages. Her specialism and interests are in pre-marital and relationship counselling. Helping committed couples to gain understanding of their relationship dynamics, strength and growth areas. Facilitating couples to cope with issues arise in healthy ways, foster resilience and enrich their relationships. As well as helping individuals with attachment issues, romantic relationship issues, premarital and marital, infidelity, divorce, life transitions, stress, perfectionism behaviours, low self-esteem, sleep issues, depression, anger, anxiety, hoarding, obsessive compulsive disorder, phobias, social anxiety, management roles readiness, workplace relationships, people skills, chronic illness, grief and loss, trauma.

She seeks to meet her clients with unconditional positive regard to join them at where they are in a genuine, supportive and nonjudgmental way on their path to healing. She holds and soothes them with relentless empathy in a secure-base therapeutic alliance where clients can feel comfortable to take risk with her as their companion to face their vulnerabilities together. She helps them to see the processes in which they are caught in with their emotions and with other people; reorganise their inner world that make sense of their lives; find their emotional balance and redirect those processes into new directions. 

Katrine conducts therapies in English and Cantonese.