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Dr. Elaine Tang

Registered Educational Psychologist (Division of Educational Psychology, Hong Kong Psychological Society)
Doctor of Psychology in Educational Psychology (The University of Hong Kong)
Master of Social Sciences in Educational Psychology (The University of Hong Kong)
Master of Social Sciences in Counselling (The University of Hong Kong)
Postgraduate Diploma in Psychology (The Hong Kong Institute of Education)
Bachelor of Business Administration in Insurance, Financial and Actuarial Analysis (The Chinese University of Hong Kong)

With over 15 years of working experience in education setting, Elaine has a broad range of experience working with school-aged children, adolescents and young adults with various learning, socio-emotional and behavioural needs, as well as school personnel and parents. 

As a strong believer of growth mindset, Elaine trusts that all individuals can have their talents developed with right strategies. Rather than solely focusing on problem-fixing, Elaine adopts a strength-based approach in her work with an aim of facilitating the growth of individuals and embracing their strengths. Elaine is dedicated to explore the uniqueness of individual’s profile so as to provide targeted recommendations and/or evidence-based interventions to facilitate individuals to grow and glow.

Apart from serving in SJCCS, Elaine recently started working as educational psychologist supervisor for educational psychologists serving primary and secondary schools in Hong Kong. 

Elaine provides the following services:

  • Psychoeducational assessments (Intelligence, Reading and Writing skills, Attention, Socio-emotional and behavioural functioning) for school-aged children to tertiary students
  • Interventions for school-aged children to tertiary students on study skills, executive functions, life planning, social skills, stress management and counselling, etc.
  • Training/Consultation for schools, institutes, and organizations to support diverse needs of students in school, tertiary and vocational educational settings
  • Consultation/interventions for parents on improving parent-child relationship and supporting children with diverse educational needs at home