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Dr. Kristie Craigen

Doctor of Clinical Psychology
Master of Clinical Psychology
Post Graduate Diploma in Applied Psychology
Bachelor of Science (Psychology)

Past President of the Psychotherapy Society of Hong Kong
Registered Psychologist and Associate Fellow of the Hong Kong Psychological Society
Registered Clinical (Practitioner) Psychologist Health & Care Professions Council UK
Member of the Hong Kong Family Law Association

Dr. Kristie Craigen is a psychometric testing and assessment specialist with more than two decades experience in both clinical and corporate contexts. Her passion for life long learning and the desire to deepen her knowledge about the use of psychometric testing as a platform to maximize human potential led her to complete post graduate degrees in the field of clinical psychology. Dr. Craigen now uses data to illuminate an individual’s or family’s unique areas of strength and weakness. This information then determines the treatment interventions most likely to yield real life improvements in functioning and/or remove obstacles to learning.

In addition to providing psychometric testing and psychodiagnostic services, Dr. Craigen acts as an expert witness to assist the Court gain a better understanding of the psychological functioning, mental status, and skills and awarenesses of parents embroiled in high conflict divorce proceedings. Her assessment findings also allow her to provide recommendations with relation to the custody and care arrangements of minors in instances whereby their parents are struggling to reach agreement on such matters.

Dr. Craigen is a protector of the rights of children and advocates on behalf of students with learning differences and disabilities. To do this, she relies heavily on valid and reliable data that identifies their unique set of challenges, can be used to develop needs-specific recommendations, and will guide intervention processes to align with their best interests, improve their personal wellbeing, and increase their chances of living their best lives.