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Mark Rogers

Masters of Counselling (Australia)

Mark is an experienced counsellor with thirty-three years of church-based pastoral care and five years as a professional counsellor at St John’s Counselling Service. Mark has a Master of Counselling from Monash University, Melbourne. Mark works with individuals and couples.

For individuals, Mark’s approach to counselling is person-centred. It is empathetic, attentive, accepting and congruent. He accompanies the person in identifying their challenges and understanding their triggers. He assists the person to discover a deeper and broader understanding of themselves and to find ways to build on their strengths in order to develop greater mental stability and enhanced personal well-being.

Mark’s counselling is informed by evidence-based research of cognitive and behavioral therapies, problem management/opportunity development approaches to life’s challenges and psycho-dynamic understandings of human development.

For couples, Mark is trained in Level One and Two of the Gottman approach to couples’ counselling.