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Lolita A.J Schmalenberg

BASc Child Studies (Hon), University of Guelph, Canada 
Counselling Psychology, MA, University of British Columbia, Canada 

Certified Sexual Health Therapist, Post-Grad. Certification, University of 
Alberta, Canada 
Certified Co-Parenting Coordinator, Play Therapist, Gottman level 1 & 2 
Member HKPCA, RSW- Canada 

Lolita’s mission is to help people recall their self-worth, their core values & strengths and make the necessary changes to patterns of behaviour that no longer serve their life goals. She has been working in the field for over 20 years to help people build their capacities.

Lolita’s areas of speciality are woman’s issues; teens and preteens; adults in transition (changes in careers, relationships, making an International move); students (especially those studying in international and boarding schools); couples (pre-marriage or re-evaluating their relationship) and young adults on the autism spectrum who would like to learn social and dating skills.

Lolita conducts therapy in English.